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That's me over there giving gentle posing suggestions and being on the other side of the camera. Every single minute of every single wedding is my favorite, but the dance floor has a special place in my heart. When your two families are out there dancing it out and grinning ear to ear -- I just can't help but shimmy into the mix a little. And it's how I get some of the best candid shots. I'm a working photojournalist and regularly go out on assignment for several magazine and publications. Most often for Texas Highways where I get to indulge in the secret gems of this great state. I believe in going above and beyond for my clients -- so you'll catch me in some pretty unusual places! So, holla at me, let's get this party started!

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“Tiffany can handle your wacky family and while y'all are swooning over each other, she'll produce the swooniest pictures.
Thank you Tiffany for taking the best pictures of our wedding day!

We'd been to a wedding where the photographer was so stressed she snapped at us during the family portraits... so we knew that for our families, it made sense to look for a personality that could roll with everything (and everyone) we bring.”

“Tiffany is a gem! In addition to being a complete pro and technical wiz, she is creative, inventive, inspired, tireless and will do anything for a great shot. On top of everything else, it feels so easy having her in the mix. She’s a great director and stays focused when everyone is lost in the moment. She knows how to capture everything from sweet, meaningful moments to stunning beauty. A real artist!! Highly recommend!!!”

“Tiffany was so amazing! She made me feel super relaxed, and I couldn't have asked for a more awesome photographer! It felt like she was a guest at our wedding, and the photos came out absolutely perfect! Thank you, Tiffany, everything was exactly what I dreamt it would be!”

“I cannot even begin to express how amazing Tiffany is! From our initial encounter, to our wedding day, Tiffany was approachable, flexible, and exuded passion for her work. Our pictures turned out absolutely incredible, and not only captured our love as a couple, but the love of our family and friends as well. I am beyond grateful for the photographic memories she has given us, of what is assuredly one of the most special days of our lives.”

“Tiffany was perfection from top to bottom! She shot my wedding at the Driskill and I couldn't have asked for anything more in a photographer. As soon as she showed up for the "getting ready" shots (she came early to scout the location and meet the team, FYI!) I instantly connected with her. She was the perfect balance of taking control and getting the right shots while offering suggestions and options along the way. Everything flowed so well and the photos were impeccable.”

“Tiffany was absolutely wonderful. She's extremely organized and knows how to navigate the chaotic hustle and bustle of weddings like a pro! This woman knows how to direct, and the best of it is that she does it in such a fun way! She's down for all your creative ideas and also has her own artistic input. Our photos came out incredible!”

“We used Tiffany for my daughter’s engagement and wedding photos. Tiffany was wonderful to work with and went out of her way to get the locations that we wanted. It was lightly raining during the wedding ceremony but that didn’t bother Tiffany. She went about her business and got some awesome shots! It started pouring down rain as soon as the ceremony was over, but again, Tiffany went out of her way to make sure that all of the pictures we wanted were taken.”

“We recommend Tiffany with the highest regard and with no hesitations! She is a wonderful person and tremendous artist, our connection with her was instant. She went absolutely above and beyond. We had so much fun with Tiffany on our special day! Bonus tip! Tiffany loves the dance floor! The moments from the dance floor are some of our favorite pictures to share. She can hold her own and get her work done!”

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